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Town Planning & Unit Development

Town planning is an important aspect that plays a role in any development or council overlay property. These include heritage, vegetation and flood overlays that must be addressed from a local councils point of view. In regards to unit and town house developments particular rules and constrains are placed on properties that we are well familiar with.

During our design stages we go over these regulations with you and design for them whilst also making sure you are still able to achieve what you are after on the block.

New Home Design

Building a new home to suit your specific needs and requirements comes down to an experienced design team. In regards to our process we begin with you giving us ideas and inspirations in order to create a plan that suits you. You may be further progressed or simply just starting, either way we can help take your design to the next stage and then finalise it so you can finally build your dream. We focus on designing a home personally for you and how you operate in your daily life.

From the early concept designs to the final construction drawings and specifications we have you covered.

Compliance & Council Audits

Have you recently received a letter from council about an illegal structure that needs a building permit? Or are you trying to get a building permit for works already completed? We are able to help. Although it is the unconventional way to obtain a building permit we can conduct a site visit in order to see what work if any are needed to be carried out on the structure in order to bring it up to Australian standards so that a building permit may be issued. This then will satisfy your local councils requirements and avoid any fines that they can issue upon you.

Household Extensions

Here at Arcwell we can offer you a services to design an extension or renovation to your existing home and turn it into your dream home. We can update the look and spatial requirements of your home in order to meet your current and future needs.

There are many options and techniques for this type of work and we will happily guide you through it during the design stages. We are able to design to your budgetary requirements as most of the time a budget for an extension plays a high role in your final outcome.

Together we can turn the old into the new.

Verandahs & Carports

A simple covered area can create a space that is irreplaceable. Need to store a car or bike, or simply want to entertain guests outside? We can design a structure to suit you or you can come to us with your ideas in place. From the simple basic roof structures to the more in depth designs we can create for you a verandah/carport/pergola to suit what you need and make sure it is designed to meet Australian standards for a building permit.


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